Inclusion, Diversity, Equality & Accessibility (IDEA) Policy

1. Wylde Green United Reformed Church celebrates and welcomes diversity in our Church community and buildings, in society as a whole and recognises the benefits of engaging with individuals with a range of different viewpoints.


2. We believe that all people are created in God’s image and are loved by God.  In his ministry, Jesus showed God’s love by his openness to all people including those marginalised by others. Therefore, we are committed in both spirit and deed to proactively encourage equal opportunities.  We understand that inclusion is a learning process and that we are completely open to continuous learning and growing understanding in respect to inclusion, diversity, equality and accessibility.


3. We value all people, with a positive view of (in no particular order) not only age, gender/ sexual identity (often referred to as “sex”), gender reassignment, impairment/disability, racial/ethnic origin (often referred to as “race”) , religion/belief (see para. 11), sexual orientation, civil partnership, marriage, pregnancy and maternity (all characteristics protected by employment law) ,  but also caring responsibilities, HIV or other health-related status, laterality (left-/right-handedness) and socio-economic background.  We acknowledge that this is not an exhaustive list and will need to be expanded on in the future.


4. Wylde Green United Reformed Church will not tolerate any breaches of their Inclusion, Diversity, Equality and Accessibility policy and will endeavor to ensure that all its activities and other policies are in accordance with this policy.


5. Wylde Green United Reformed Church recognises and accepts its obligations under current discrimination legislation.  It accepts that there is a need to understand what discrimination is, admit it exists and be able to recognise it in all its forms. It accepts that it is possible for individuals, policies and structures to be unintentionally discriminatory or offensive and accepts that such attitudes and structures must be challenged. 


6. Wylde Green United Reformed Church will proactively promote an environment that treats all people with dignity and respect and provides equality of opportunity to everybody.


7. The church at Wylde Green will:

  • Promote respect and fair treatment for all people;

  • Encourage the use of inclusive language and images in our conversations, worship, literature and publicity;

  • Respectfully challenge any discriminatory attitudes and actions that occur on our premises or digital environments and take steps to bring them to an end;

  • Promote Church membership of organisations which actively reflect our commitment to an inclusive and diverse Church;

  • Seek to address the inequalities of opportunity faced by people in under-represented groups and groups with  characteristics included in para 3;

  • Identify and remove barriers to participation in all aspects of Church life, including employment (both paid and voluntary), training, promotion, leadership and representation on Church committees;

  • Challenge all forms of harassment, bullying or victimisation within the Church and take steps to bring it to an end;

  • Ensure that this policy is known by the congregation and hall-users, and that employees (both paid and voluntary) understand their responsibilities for implementing this policy.  To this end we will regularly offer education and training in the principles and practice of this Inclusion, Diversity, Equality and Accessibility Policy.


8. In order to make physical environments and services accessible to all, Wylde Green United Reformed Church will strive to make relevant and reasonable adaptations and provide appropriate resources.


9. Wylde Green United Reformed Church will undertake reflection, assessment and regular monitoring. This will assist in measuring the effectiveness of the Policy as well as identifying training needs, gaps in service and review of practices.


10. Wylde Green United Reformed Church recognises the need to have support mechanisms for those who have been or may be subjected to discrimination or harassment and will endeavour to provide such services. 


11. Wylde Green United Reformed Church will strive to avoid entering into contracts, partnerships or agreements with individuals, groups or organisations when it is aware that any of their policies or practices contravene this Inclusion, Diversity, Equality and Accessibility Policy.


12. Where there is a genuine occupational requirement for a practicing Christian, we would require the employee to be an active part of our worshipping community.


13. Wylde Green United Reformed Church accepts responsibility under legislation for the actions of employees and responsibility for any practices, policies or procedures that may be found to be unintentionally discriminatory and will strive to ensure that this is eradicated.  


14. Wylde Green United Reformed Church welcomes the input of i) the congregation, ii) committee members, iii) Elders, iv) hall- and room-users and v) visitors to its physical environment including its buildings and its grounds, and also its digital environments. 



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