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Wylder & Greener Group

We are a happy and determined bunch of people who feel challenged to act and protect our fragile planet from the climate emergency we are facing.  We have three areas of focus; Climate, Nature, and People.  It is such a joy and a blessing to be part of this world and to enjoy its richness, beauty, diversity, and resources.  With that, however, also comes the responsibility of taking care of it; of being good stewards of the earth and we believe the time to act is now!  Those actions, however large or small, will be positive ones; on a personal level, within our local community and also throughout the world.  We are working on lots of exciting ideas to take us forward, so buckle up for our Eco journey of discovery together!


Here are some of the many things we are doing... 

recycle bench.jpg
cheese wrap.jpg

Including cheese wrappers and crisp packets that are processed to become…

Play equipment and outdoor furniture like this bench on our church field.

Developing our Church Grounds

Through our love of nature we are working to encourage wildlife variety, native planting and biodiversity

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