What do Christians believe?


The Bible tells us that there is one God who created everything that exists. God created a perfect world with all that we need to live out our lives in harmony with others and the world around us. Unfortunately the human race lost its way and selfishness and greed meant that people did not live their lives in the way that God intended. God did not want us to live like this so in response to our need, He sent His only Son Jesus Christ to live amongst us.


Jesus was as much of God as could be contained in a human form and therefore was both human and divine. The Virgin Mary was the mother of Jesus and He was brought up by her and His earthly father Joseph, living in an ordinary family, just like us. By the things He said and the miracles He performed, Jesus showed His divine nature. Jesus lived His life demonstrating the values that God desires for His Kingdom. Above all through His life, Jesus showed us what God is like – a God of love and compassion.


Jesus loved us so much that He let himself be crucified on a cross. He died so that our sins can be forgiven. This means that if we are truly sorry for the things that we do wrong, through the death of Jesus, God is able to forgive us and enter into a new relationship with us and we with Him.


As Christians, we believe that Jesus rose again from death and is alive today and we can know His presence with us through the Holy Spirit, another aspect of God. We sometimes call this the Holy Trinity: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.


As Christians we are called by God to:


  • Accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour and by having a close relationship with Him, allow God to shape our lives and release the potential which He sees in each and every one of us.

  • Live out our lives, showing the love of Jesus in everything we say and do.

  • Tell others about the love of Jesus and the joy that He can bring into everybody’s lives, so that they too may come to follow Jesus.


At Wylde Green URC we do our best to put God at the centre of everything we do. Our worship on Sundays is a day when we come together to praise God for all that He has done for us. Being a Christian though is not just for Sundays and in addition to Sunday services our fellowship can make use of Bible reading notes; our regular ‘Thoughts for the Week’ and join in some of our discussion and prayer groups.  All of these resources together with our daily personal devotions help us to deepen our faith as we do our best to be Christians seven days a week.


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