Church meeting

Strategic body who has oversight of functional groups and reports back to Church Meeting


Carries out pastoral care of members and adherents.

Advises minister of blue light situations.

pastoral care

Financial management

- budgeting

- expenditure monitoring

- investments and banking

- gift aid

- lettings

Accounts receivable/payable payroll.

Fundraising team - looking at trust fundraising and grants.


Plans and evaluates worship including preaching roster.

Organises slides for worship.

Roster mixing desk.

Rosters and circulates 'Thoughts for the Week'.

Vintage 'messy' once a month.

Weekday worship. Bible study. House Groups.

Quarterly study days.


Provides musical leadership in worship and church life.

junior church

Runs young people's worship on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month.

Messy Church staffed by young parents on 4th Sunday of the month.


Running Traidcraft shop creating awareness of fair trade. Eco justice and peace team.


Planned projects. Repairs and maintenance.

Management of caretaker and housekeeper.

Field project team to manage field and refurbish tennis courts


Team which creates one off events for outreach.

Organises social events within the church.

Communications. Publicity. Website.