Prayers from last Sunday


Gracious and loving God,

Creator God, We praise you that you have made your beautiful universe, and all the beautiful people who inhabit it.

Yet so often we have failed to see the beauty in either and have spoiled and harmed so much and so many and we come to offer our concerns for your world and all who dwell here.

Our minds are full of the images we see on TV and in newspapers, people enduring so many horrific situations caused by climate change and the inhumanity of neighbours.

In silence let us each bring to mind some of those dire situations…

Lord hear our prayer:



Teacher Jesus, we thank you for all that your Word and your teachings mean to us. Words which have become the foundation stone and building blocks of your church across the world and here at Wylde Green URC. We give thanks for today, the first day of many new opportunities, new plans, new  beginnings which will build your church and your Kingdom for the future.

We pray for our Church meeting that all items on the Agenda may be discussed prayerfully and respectfully.

In silence let us bring to mind the many ideas we have heard about for the future and pray for Chris and the elders and the meeting to follow the service.

Lord hear our prayer



Spirit of peace and grace, we thank you for the strength and guidance you offer us in all situations. We know many people who are struggling with overwhelming circumstances, illness, mental health issues, financial worries, homelessness on a worldwide scale and on our doorsteps, the thousands bereaved because of Covid. We pray that you will lead us into new ways of caring and healing for those we know and those who are thousands of miles away.

In silence let us bring to mind those we know and the millions we don’t who long for peace in life, in body, mind  and spirit.

Lord hear our prayer