Prayers for Others  28th June 2020

Dear Lord

What a changing world we live in. A world which this time last year was very different to that in which we are living today. Yet Lord, throughout this worrying time we know that You have always been with us.

 However Lord, for some, there are things which have not changed.

Many people still have no home to call their own. Some are living in makeshift shelters, the refugees are continually being moved on, homes are being lost through fighting and unrest, family difficulties and money worries cause some to live rough on the streets even in our own locality. Help us to support those organisations which work tirelessly to provide shelter and accommodation, somewhere permanent where heads can be laid down without fear. Lord, we give thanks for all those who work for the good of others.

Throughout the world many are suffering through sickness. We pray for those who are suffering because of Covid 19 and the families of the many who have died. Their loss is no different whether they died here in leafy Sutton Coldfield or in a back street in Brazil. Each is a child of yours and we ask your blessing on them all.  We pray for all others who are suffering through illnesses and ask that Your healing touch may be felt by each. We ask that You wrap Your arms around them all, hold and support them and give them courage and strength for whatever they may be facing. We pray for all those who look after the sick and the vulnerable. For the doctors and nurses, the volunteers, and the field workers of the many charities taking much needed medical supplies and vaccinations to areas where many others fear to go. Lord, we give thanks for all those who work for the good of others.

Lord today we think of all those who are wondering whether they will have a job to return to, as businesses return to work. For those for whom the fear of having bills to pay and not having sufficient money to even buy food for their families can be overwhelming. Be with them Lord, help them to move forward and that the current situation will resolve itself so that their worries may be alleviated.

As life rapidly changes around us, we pray for all those who are making decisions which will affect us all.  We pray for those in government both here and abroad, both local and national. We pray that the decisions they make will always have the wellbeing of others at the centre. We particularly pray for those making decisions around the coronavirus, about how we can be kept safe and well, about how for many everyday life can resume again.  May all decisions be made wisely and thoughtfully and not in haste.

When You created your beautiful world You created man to look after it.  Yet in many cases we have not been good managers. Your world has become unbalanced with great gulfs between the rich and the poor. Many are hungry, yet there are those with too much. We have discarded our possessions with little regard for the environment and barriers have been built up between people of different colour and nationalities. Lord, help us to see that we are one people, Your people. You created a diverse world, let us embrace the diversity wherever we live, and work to recreate one world, one without fragments and splits. May we remember to look for the good in others. Help us to give thanks for those who are bringing to our attention the mistakes we have made, and the unfairness we have created in our world.

This week on our prayer cycle we pray for all those friends of the church who no longer worship with us. May they feel Your presence always. We pray for all those who live on Birmingham Road and for the residents and workers of Greenacres, Cheshire Home in Vesey Road. Show each of them your love and support in this coming week.

Living God as we move into the unpredictability of a new week give us courage, faith and humility to accept its challenges and follow the way of love, putting our trust in You completely.  Come to us, live in us and love through us. Amen.


Sue Miles

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