Prayers for others 2nd May 2021

Gracious Lord.  We come together in your name, and we open up our hearts to you as we bring our prayers for all those in need. We know there are so many in our world today who are in need of our prayers.

Uppermost in our prayers this week are all those who live in India. For so many there is desperation as the medical services are overwhelmed, heartbreak at the loss of so many people, and a feeling of hopelessness as the anguish deepens. Lord we pray that help comes rapidly, that there is a sharing of resources to ease the desolation, and that the virus may be conquered. You are a comforting Lord and we ask that all those in need, whether ill or caring for the sick, will feel your presence.

Lord we pray for all others who are suffering through illness, whether at home or in hospital. We pray for all those who care for them in whatever capacity and ask that each will feel your tender touch. We pray also for any who may be grieving. Surround them all so that they may feel Your strength and love and be able to face the future with hope and courage. In a moment’s silence we bring to you the names of those known to us…………………….


At this time when most of those in education have returned to schools, colleges and universities, we pray for all involved whether as students, teachers or as support staff. Times have been difficult for all of them. We also pray for all those young people who are about to take final exams but due to the pandemic find themselves less prepared than they would have liked, and for some of them the future in employment may not be certain. Be with them all we pray Lord.

As our world struggles to deal with the pandemic we pray Lord for all those in leadership and power. There is so much inequality in our world and those in power have the ability to begin to right this. We pray that governments may listen and work together so that resources may be shared, those who are discriminated against may be recognised and valued for who they are, and peace may exist between each other.  Lord, You created our world for us to live together in harmony. We are sorry for our frequent foolishness and ask for your forgiveness whenever we have strayed from what You expect from us.

Lord, at this time we pray for your Church. We give thanks that we have been able to worship together, even if physically we have not been able to be close to each other. We look forward to being able to meet up again soon, and we pray that all decisions about our reopening are pleasing to You. We pray that we will be able to continue to ‘reach out and welcome in’ to Your church here at Wylde Green.  We pray for those churches who are now facing difficult decisions about their futures, whether they reopen or decide to join other congregations, and ask that You are with them as they discern their futures. We are one Church, Your Church, whether here in Sutton Coldfield or as one of many branches throughout the world, and we pray for Your guidance in all we do.

This week on our prayer cycle we pray for Gill Street and for Ralph Taylor. We pray for all those who reside in Addenbrook Drive and we also pray for the congregation of St. Columba Church. May they all come to know Your presence and may we, through our actions, show Your love for them.

Loving Lord, You are our great comforter and our strength. You know our times of need, and You are always there for us. As we move into a new week be with us in all we do and say, and may we always be ready to listen for Your call, humbly answering in whatever way is pleasing to You.



Sue Miles