Prayers for others 29.08.21

Father God,

We take this time of prayer, to come before you, with our troubles, our hopes, our fears, our desires for a better world.

We seek to explore how we can make things better, fairer, allowing people safety in life.

We think of Afghanistan and the lack of safety there, bringing so many people to leave. For those who stay, there is fear; for loved ones, livelihood and human rights.

Give us generosity Lord, in welcoming refugees, so they can feel safe and start a new life. For those who remain, we pray for peace, an end to violence and engagement of communities. Please help the brave soldiers guarding the Airport, that they may protect the vulnerable and allow those who can, to get through.

We turn to those who are concerned, whether our country can support refugees; we see those who are homeless, who have no food, who struggle every day, if we can’t take care of them, how can we help others?

Teach us your wisdom Lord, allow us to see how we can help everyone, to look beyond economy, and see human potential underneath.

Human potential is made brighter by the coming Paralympic games, the men and women, who have the opportunity to express themselves and excel in sport. May we gain inspiration from them as athletes and signs of hope for the world.

We ask for hope, in fighting climate change, especially the vast fires; in Greece, Australia, Algeria and many other places. Give the volunteers, courage to fight the flames, locals time to escape and authorities plans, to help prevent such disasters.

And for the whole world to see how we have contributed to this, that together we can lessen their impact, before it is too late.

Our thoughts turn to our Wylde Green community and everyone who loves this Church.

The wonderful holiday club, allowing our adults to get to know our younger members, a little better and for them to get to know you. For the chip suppers, curry nights, films and coffee. And for the Church meetings; elders, youth meetings, Wylder and greener and the book group, thank you Lord, so much for all of this and so much more.

Help us extend this fellowship outwards; into Boldmere, Sutton Coldfield and beyond, so that we may help others and grow together in love.

We ask for your loving touch to be placed upon; Elizabeth & Michael Coane,  Liz & Brian Coney, Ivan and Joan Cox, John Cresswell, Vera Cullimore, the residents of Boldmere Road and all groups that meet on our premises.

Father we pray for this and all things in your glorious name,


Ed Lyne