Prayers for the world

Provider God
You have given us so much of yourself in your abundant love and grace.
And so we lay before you our lives and gifts.
With your blessing may they open the gate to visions of a better world for all.

For there are many who hunger; many who are left out in the cold while others reap the benefits of a society based on greed.

We pray for those who are homeless or displaced, those who are exploited, those who are poor. We pray especially of those who’s vulnerability to Covid is made worse by their poverty and marginalisation.

Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer

There are many who cannot enjoy the beauty and mystery of creation. We think of prisoners of conscience, of those living in war-ravaged lands, of those confined through illness.

There are many who yearn for rest in lives which are restless and hard.
We think of those who work long hours for little reward; those who are discontent and disillusioned.

There are many who struggle to find the right path because life has taken them
a different, difficult route.

We think of those with addiction problems, those who turn to crime through desperation, of children whose home life is chaotic.

Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer

There are many who are fearful for themselves and for others.
We think of those in broken relationships, those who live with sickness,
those who are afraid of the future and of being themselves.

There are many who have lost hope that light will ever penetrate their darkness – we think of those who live with loneliness, grief, bereavement and rejection.

There are many who we walk alongside in their pain and suffering, their joy and hope. We think of them now in a time of silence...

Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer

We think of our own communities, our own families and our church. We pray that you might keep us safe and that we might continue to turn to you. We pray for Chris and the elders that you might guide them as they lead us.

We give thanks for the life of Val Salter and pray for her family and friends as they mourn.

We remember those on our prayer cycle this week: We pray for Alex and Henley Wheadon, Charles Wheadon and Val White. We remember the residents of Cofield Road, and the churches in Palestine and Jerusalem. Lord bless them and keep them safe.

Lord God, shepherd all your people on their different journeys with their different joys and struggles. Remind them that all are honoured guests in your house and that all may find a home in you.

Lavish them with your goodness and love so that they might know that in you they have everything they need.  In Jesus’ name we pray.


James Hamilton

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