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Shop Fair Trade for people and planet
Open Saturday 10am-12noon

We have a long established Traidcraft shop in the Church selling fairly traded, ethical and sustainable goods from all over the world. Our range includes, food and drink, cards and stationery, crafts and cleaning products and lots more. We also stock beautiful hand made crafts, cards and gifts.
Many fair trade farmers and producers care for the environment by committing to a range of eco-activities by…
  • Maximising their use of sustainable energy and raw materials.

  • Minimising waste and pollution, often by using recycled materials within their craft.

  • Reducing their water usage.

  • Protecting the soil by practicing organic farming methods.

  • Reducing deforestation by intercropping trees and crops.

  • Receiving training on mitigating the effects of climate change

Why not do your bit and challenge yourself to make one simple swap in this week’s shop?  Cereal, tea, coffee, sugar, pasta. It could be anything!  Rest assured the environment will thank you.
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