Accessibility and Inclusion

We are trying to be as all-inclusive, welcoming and friendly a church as possible.

-   The 'loop system' is fitted in the church & dais (except for the balcony), Highbridge Hall and Room 1.


-   There are ramps into the church; into Britwell Hall and Room 1 from the car park; and into the buildings from Highbridge Road. There is identified parking at the front of the church.


-   There are 'access for all' toilets in the church vestibule, to the right of the ramp as you enter the halls and at the end of Britwell Hall.


-   There are baby changing facilities in all three 'access for all' toilets. Britwell Hall also has a child-sized toilet.


-   At communion, we serve bread and gluten-free wafers and non-alcoholic wine or water.


-   Although there are 2 steps onto the dais, this should never prevent anyone taking part in leading worship. Portable microphones are available.